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Deser Kimya is in the Chemistry of Smart Buildings!

Now, the buildings are complex structures, and they need a serious Chemistry partner both during the construction phase and operation phase.


Large sites and buildings may work with Deser Kimya beginning from the project stage. Our experienced engineer staff provides consultancy services for the selection and design of water treatment systems during the design phase and selection of the correct and effective systems.


During the execution of the project, Deser Kimya makes manufacturing, installation, and commissioning of the water preparation and conditioning systems with its expert teams. Necessary systems for disinfection and sanitation of drinking and service water, which is very important for big projects are also installed and commissioned by us.


Now the detailed heating and cooling systems with various sensors on it are subjected to the flushing process by Deser Kimya teams in order to remove impurities. Analysis and controls are carried out in the field and required protective compounds against lime scaling and corrosion are added to the system, and it is cleanly handed-over for the start-up.


Especially in cold regions, to prevent freezing and corrosion of the comfort systems in winter, Glythermin dosages are applied and the systems are taken under protection, Glythermin is the freezing and corrosion additive of BASF, the company which we are being the distributor of it.


In the protection of heating and cooling systems, our chemicals are formulated with imported raw materials from the world's best manufacturers. The realization of the chemical dosages via automation systems needed for the problem-free operation of hospital systems is also done by us.


Gray water treatment systems that are provided for the treatment of water collected from the sinks and showers to re-use in reservoirs which are now essential in the world, are designed by us and commissioned after their installation. Savings of up to 40% are provided in water bills.


For sustainability of the operations of the Smart Building; regular service, analysis and consultancy services, which are among the profession area of Deser Kimya, are conducted and reported by our experienced chemist and engineer staff.


The Waters of Your Precious Buildings are Entrusted to Deser Kimya!