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The main purpose of Deser R&D Center is to build the future of the company with the support of the innovation power that provides competitive advantage to the brand; To follow the developments in the world, to produce technological and scientific projects for innovation and global competition in the field of water technologies, to develop new products and alternative technologies based on patents and utility models.

Deser, which carries out R&D activities with a focus on new product development and existing product improvement under the roof of its R&D Center, operates on expanding its innovative product range, carrying out optimization projects for existing products, and improving process and product.


Improve Product Quality

Continuously improve the quality of our products to better respond to our existing and potential clients’ demands.


Maximize Productivity

Enhance the productivity and output of our processes.

Develop New Products

Developing new products for the markets in which we currently operate in


Develop Competences and Networks

Monitor new developments in water technologies and engineering, and provide our staff with effective ongoing education, ultimately promoting successful transfers of technology


Control of Materials Used in Production

Control of raw materials used in production and determination of alternatives