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Installation Flushing Service Application

Central heating and cooling systems, hot water boilers, floor heating systems, and radiators that are used in many industrial plants, industrial institutions, residences, apartment complexes, public institutions, and organizations, must certainly be cleaned during the installation or over time. Because of the fact that hot and cold water are used in all of these systems, undesired elements such as dirt, rust, limescale, mud, and sludge are formed on the metal parts during the circulation of the water. These formations reduce the heat transfer rate or do not allow heat transfer because they prevent circulation. At this point, operations are at a dead end. In such situations, our company gives installation flushing service and achieves very satisfying results. Modern applications are available within our company to get the desired results in a very short time even in the largest facilities.


How is Installation Flushing Service Performed?


After our customers get in contact with us, we provide immediate access to our team of engineers and technical staff. Installation is inspected after the preliminary feasibility study; metal types are determined and the cleaning method is decided after the contamination samples are checked in the laboratory. Modern devices and machines are used in all of the services we have implemented in the concept of installation flushing service. Thus, all corrosion and corrosion residues, sludge, limescale, and oils that are sourced from the water are removed from your installation. At this point, due to the automation system, initial studies and the selection of suitable chemicals, all the machines used by our company work with zero margin of error. Moreover, the selected cleaning chemicals in all heating and cooling systems vary depending on the installation and the nature of the water in it. Through the raw materials we use in American and European origin, we can produce highly sensitive solutions for our customers in terms of both human health and environmental health.


In Which Areas, Is Installation Flushing Service Provided?


Like all the operations we have offered, the installation flushing service application is implemented in many areas along with the necessary guarantees and risk analysis. Installation flushing applications are applied in heating and industrial boilers, plate heat exchangers, heating and cooling circuits, calorimeters, casting industry facilities, food industry, heating systems, solar energy heating systems, cooling elements in the plastic industry, serpentines, condensate applications. Highly effective results are obtained with the flushing and pickling method. Thus, the efficiency of your installation is increased while the lifetime of your installation is extended.


What Should Be Done After Installation Flushing?


Deser Kimya technical team makes the system ready for operation by neutralizing it at the end of the flushing process.


Deser Kimya offers you a package service to avoid any problem in the existing installation after flushing the installation. After the analysis of the water source used, the water is prepared and the water is conditioned in the circuit and we prevent the same problems from happening again.; with regular laboratory service, we ensure that the system remains effective.