Wastewater Treatment Systems

In order to reduce the wastewater generated as a result of production activities at the production and industrial facilities to the discharge limits specified in the relevant regulations and to ensure their discharge, the design and turnkey processes of the processes are carried out depending on the character of the enterprises.

Industrial wastewater has different pollution characteristics and has a specific pollutant characterization. Particular solutions needed to be developed for the treatment of such kind of wastewater. While determining the decontamination process that the enterprise needs, the most suitable process is determined as a result of the studies carried out in the laboratory environment and necessary project design is made according to this process. "

In order to achieve the required treatment quality of industrial wastewater, our company implements the highest available technologies in the types and the systems it develops. Our systems developed for this purpose are used in Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems. 

-Chemical Treatment Systems

-Oil-water Separation Systems

-Package Biological Treatment Systems

-DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation)

-Sludge Dewatering Units

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