Water Manager Basic

Water Manager Basic systems are sweeping and filtration systems installed in the pools of your open and semi-open towers.

Open and semi-open towers provide cooling by taking advantage of the heat exchange of the evaporated water thanks to its contact with the atmosphere. These features of the equipment require regular discharge of water with conditioning and blowdown due to their working principles.

In a period when water is increasingly valuable, it is important for these towers to operate in a condition that consumes the least amount of water in for environmental, social and business economics.

Suspended solid particles and deposits, which tend to accumulate in the tower basin, is removed by blowdown under normal conditions, are captured by Water Manager, ensuring the continuity of your tower operation efficiency with minimum water loss, and allows you to save energy and water.

Water Manager Basic Systems perform sweeping operations using the tower's own water with the help of accelerator nozzles placed in the tower basin. The solid particles collected by sweeping are captured with the help of automatic backwash venturi filters, and the water passing through the filtration is fed back into the basin and circulated.



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